About Weston Planet

Weston Planet is an organisation run by the Primary Healthcare Professionals of Weston Super Mare with the objective of providing learning opportunities in a protected setting guaranteeing 4 hours of protected teaching a month for 10 months of each year. The meetings normally take the form of a presentation by a guest speaker invited to give a specific ‘primary care perspective’ on their field of expertise. We try to avoid didactic or lecture style teaching, the emphasis being more on active participation and a work-group model of teaching.

About the Weston Planet Website

This website has been developed with a view to providing members information regarding future meetings as well as providing an educational resource in itself by providing copies of presentations and information from previous meetings. These are accessible via the ‘Future Meetings’ and ‘Presentations’ buttons at the top and bottom of the page. Also accessible are useful educational files, links to other websites, membership enquires and contact details for the adminstrator of the Weston Primary Healthcare Community. You can navigate back to this page by clicking on the Home or Weston Planet logo at the top of the web page.

For membership enquiries please email the administrator via the Contact link above.